Lucky Textile Mills Limited was first established in 1983 and has since remained one of the leading textile manufacturers in the country to-date. For over 25 years, our continued focal point has remained on our esteemed customers and their satisfaction, which we always strive to guarantee. Lucky Textile Mills limited is synonymous with quality, innovation and reliability not just in Pakistan but all over the world. Our team is a strong mix of the best marketing individuals, highly experienced QC managers and technically  versed production planners. We maintain every aspect of our operations inclined towards adding to a progressive future and family believe that by stringently pursing our core values of Leadership, Understanding, Commitment and Knowledge, we will undoubtedly grow to be one of the most successful industry leaders in the country.


With a production capacity of 65 million meters per year, our weaving units are harnessed with 800 Sulzer Shuttle less looms, and are geared up for recently installed 120 air jet looms for weaving.

Machines No. of Machines Details
Warping (Benninger) 2 2.4 meter wide capacity
Local Warping Machines 2 2.4 meter wide capacity
Sectional Warping (Four Star) 1 4.0 meters wide Capacity
Sizing (Benninger) 2 3.4 & 4.0 meter wide capacity
Sulzer (PU & TW-11 Model) 255
110 inches wide capacity
130 inches wide capacity
153 inches wide capacity
Jacquard (Sulzer PU Looms) 6 153 inches wide capacity
Dobby Attachments 312 18 frames
irjet Looms (Picanol) 120 3.2 meter wide capacity


Our significant processing unit is highly proficient in printing, dyeing and finishing fabric up to 3.2 meters wide with an approximate production capacity of 85 million meters per year.

Machines Manufacture Quantity
Singeing Ostoff & Benninger 2
Continous Bleaching Benninger / Red Flag 2
Mercerizing Benninger / Red Flag 2
Pad Steam Dyeing Range Benninger 1
Thermosol Dyeing Range Monforts 1
Rotary Printing Zimmer
Flat Bed Printing Machine Reggiani 1
Digital Printing Machine Atexco 1
CAD / CAM Ramsette / CST
Laser Engraving & Accessories CST
Dye & Chemical Dispensing System Termoelettronica
Stenter Monforts / Babcock / Shaoyang 7
Kuesters padder Monforts 1
Calander Kuesters 1
Sanofrizing Monforts 1
Sueding + Emerising Lafer 1
Steamer+Cureing Airoli 2
Laboratory Equipments Mathis / James Heals & Others
Steamer+Cureing Airoli 2
Raising Lamperti 1
Seer Sucker Micrex 1


Our stitching machines including Juki, Brother, Kansai, and automated Texpa plant have a combined capacity of 75 million meters per year for Home Textiles & 5 million units per year for Apparels.

Machines Brand Operations Machines Brand Operations
Juki Single Needle Pegesus Safety with over lock
Brother / Juki Two Needle Renown Pleating
Juki Button Hole Vario Matric Pin tuck
Juki Button Stitch Pegasus Flat lock
Oshima Fusing Machine Phillips UK Auto Fabric Spreading
Juki Bar Tack Mini Puller End Cutting
Brother Blind Stitch Kalfaas Shrink Warping
Brother Bourdon Stitch Hashima Needle Detector
Karesi Elastic Machine Remak Fitted Machine
Pegasus Three Thread over lock

Lucky Textile Mills Limited is one of the companies in Pakistan having following Texpa Stitching Plants


1 Flat sheet
1 Duvet Cover
1 US style Pillow Case
1 Europe Style Pillow Case
1 Pillow Closing
1 Box Making Plant
1 Folding Plant



Machines No. of Machines Details
Baroudan 2 with sequence with Nine color (20 head)


Machines No. Of Machines
Multi Needle (Approx 15000 – 2000 meters per month) 2 Machine

Digital Printing Machine

Model Atexco
Widest Width 3.2 meters
Number of Heads 16
Head Supplier Korea Japan
Printing Speed 300 to 600 square meter per hour
Dye Stuff Reactive
Blend 100% Cotton





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