About Us

Lucky Textile Mills Limited was first established in 1983 and has since remained one of the leading textile manufacturers in the country to-date. With an indelible commitment to employing the most modern technology and providing outstanding working conditions for all our staff, we have always believed in creating the best value for any entity that invests its time with us. For over 38 years, our continued focal point has remained on our esteemed customers and their satisfaction, which we always strive to guarantee.



To be the leaders in the textile industry whilst providing a socially responsible commitment to the environment we invest in.


Provide superior quality and assurance to all our customers and stakeholders by employing techniques that serve both our internal and external environment with respect and integrity.



We don’t just innovate as industry practices; we are redefining the way business will be done in the future. We are the pioneers.


We understand the demand of textile industry at a global level, parallel to the needs of the people associated with us in one way or the other.


One word that sums it all at Lucky Textile Mills Limited is the “commitment” of people to quality and most importantly relationships with our customers.


We are keen to learn and explore new areas of knowledge that would contribute to the growth of our organization.


We yield results to increase the value for our shareholders and to keep our customers satisfied, ensuring optimum level of efficiency achieved at all stages.


Mr. Jawed Yunus Tabba


LTML has the unique honor of being the first industrial venture of the holding company, Yunus Brothers (YB) Group of Companies. From the very inception we have been committed to the best practices in textile industry and have endeavored to achieve excellence of quality. It has been a story of rapid expansion and diversification all along. We have always installed the very best plant and machinery, consistent with our goal of maintaining the quality to the highest standard. Our team of dedicated marketing people backed by the finest technical team has shown their commitment and loyalty that helped put the company to a place of pride in the Pakistan’s textile industry. One of the salient features of our company has been to be open-minded, learn, adopt and incorporate all available knowledge in the industry to attain excellence. Our most cordial and lasting relationship with our customers is a testament to our ability to deliver the perfect combination of competitive prices with the highest standard of quality on time in a very turbulent and challenging market place. This needed the optimum use of our top-class human resources as well as the state of the art plant and machinery. Although, we’ve found a winning formula yet we are determined to continue to fine-tune our approach to sustain our successes. I am genuinely proud of all my team numbers and grateful to the customers who continue to trust our ability to service them with pride and dedication.

Thank you all.
Jawed Yunus Tabba

Mr. Imran Yunus Tabba


Textile industry is the backbone of Pakistan’s economy and I am proud to mention that LTML has been an integral part of this efforts, for decades. Our growth has been consistent over the years and has been responsive to the dynamics of the market place. A team of dedicated professionals at all levels has ensured that we remain the leaders and a model for others to follow. We at LTML continually strive to attain the highest level of quality as demanded by the sophisticated international client base we serve. It gives us much satisfaction to see that all our major customers have had a long term mutually beneficial relationship and are generous in acknowledging our achievements. Our customer base is diverse, both geographically and product-wise. This has helped us attain a deep understanding of not only the needs but also the mentality of our customer. Every customer, big or small, gets a tailor-made service. I wish to register my special appreciation for each and every dedicated and hardworking employee and express my gratitude to our customers who have shown their commitment to the relationship by their unfailing support through the years.

Thank you all.
Mr. Imran Yunus Tabba

Mr. Yasir Yaqoob


Pakistan has an agro-based economy and textile industry has emerged as the backbone of Pakistan. I am glad to express that LTML has contributed its best in this regard. We at LTML continuously work to achieve the highest level of quality in order to meet the needs of our global clientele. Keeping in mind the aspects of sustainability, we also try our level best to take care of our environment and move towards a healthier code of conduct. In addition to expressing my gratitude to our consumers for their steadfast support over the years, I would like to offer my personal appreciation to each and every diligent and dedicated employee, who have been there through the thick and thin and have equally contributed in our success.

Thank you all.
Mr. Yasir Yaqoob


Executive Committee

Danish Zahoor (CFO) (2)

Danish Zahoor
Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Ayaz Ali Merchant (7)

Ayaz Ali Merchant
Director, Marketing (Home Textile)

Sardar Ahmed Khan

Sardar Ahmed Khan
Director, Marketing (Apparel)

Ahsan Fareed Paracha (ATTM)

Ahsan Fareed Paracha
Adviser to the Management

Chinthaka Nirosha (2)

Chinthaka Nirosha
Director, Operations